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Imexus291/Odin860 - Description
The innovative Imexus 28 inboard boat is said to be totally unique in its class in offering excellent performance under sail with powerboat performance when the engine takes over.
Similar in concept to the Imexus outboard yachts, the Imexus inboard has a 120hp Cummins diesel engine for even more flexibility and easy transition from sailing yacht to powerboat. The Imexus has all the power and hull design needed to sit back and enjoy the ride at a blistering 27 mph.
The exceptional design makes the yacht a joy to sail offering all the advantages of a traditional 28 foot sailing cruiser; economy, peaceful passage making and comfortable interior design and layout, while no compromise is made when the sails come down and speed and manoeuvrability are needed. The hull design, coupled with an advanced water ballast system, allows the boat to move beyond the 5/6 knot hull speed of standard yachts of this size and reach the plane. During this process the water ballast is ejected, making the boat lighter and faster.
The interior is tastefully designed with solid oak trim and luxury soft furnishings with all the facilities required for comfortable weekends afloat.
All current yachts in the Imexus fleet can be easily loaded and launched from a trailer on a convenient slipway. With its simple mast lift and lower system the boat can be transported from home to any favourite sailing water with ease.
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