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Odin 820 - Description
The great sailing performance of this model makes it one of the best trailerable sailboats on the market. The boat is light and moves well under light air. The 28's lightweight and planning style hull allows the boat to get up on the top of the water and plane. Most other sailboats of this size, with their round displacement hulls, will not exceed their hull speed of 5 to 6 mph.

The powering capabilities set it apart from most other sailboats. With the 75 hp outboard she goes 22 mph. This feature allows for greater flexibility in the scheduling of trips. No longer are your trips dependent on the wind or on the distance you can sail. The motor allows you to get to your weekend destination quickly, and then spend the weekend sailing from cove to cove. When the weekend is over, empty your ballast tank, pull up your swing keel and rudders, drop your motor and head for home.
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